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Sweet and Hot episode 2


Scene 1 : Increasing Birth-rate

In order to combat the declining birth rate and aging population, the education system has decided to incorporate a more practical and inclusive curriculum for sex education, aiming to eliminate any biases or feelings of aversion. Assembled in the gymnasium, the students engage in warm-up exercises before embarking on the practical portion of the lesson, where they are paired up. However, due to selective preferences, High School student Takamine finds herself left out, with only the socially awkward and creepy Muta Hara as her remaining option. Attempting to quickly finish without engaging in intercourse, they are caught by their teacher, resulting in them being subjected to a special guidance session.

Scene 2 : In the Eyes of the Observer

Kasahara Chio, a self-proclaimed journalist, holds the power to uncover secrets and wrongdoings within the school. She exposes scandals on the bulletin board, acting as a watchdog for those in authority. Determined to expose the truth behind the incidents involving a certain club, Chio conducts a stakeout, only to fall victim to a carefully crafted lie. Caught in a web of deceit, she becomes the target of revenge from those implicated in her past exposes.