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Super Great Fortune episode 1


Featuring a luscious green-haired waifu with an ample bosom. Our story begins as an adventurous man visits a sacred shrine and encounters this alluring woman. At the shrine, the man catches the gaze of the irresistible green-haired beauty. He presents her with a special pass. Without hesitation, she reveals her tempting breasts, arousing the man’s senses and arousing a strong attraction between them. Driven by her alluring charm, the green-haired seductress leads the man to a quiet and secluded place. There, she skillfully teases and strokes his eager chinchin. The woman uses her soft breasts to give the man a titillating experience, known as paizuri. As her breasts envelop his throbbing chinchin. The man is overwhelmed by intense pleasure, succumbing to an explosive climax.