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So_low ~Futago Shimai to Kateikyoushi~ episode 2


Kasumi finds herself at the mercy of Koudai’s relentless advances. Despite the relentless assault on her body, she refuses to back down, responding with sharp words and unwavering determination. Little does she realize that her spirited resistance only ignites Koudai’s excitement further. As Koudai takes control, Kasumi is forced to succumb to his desires, engaging in unspeakable acts. With each thrust, her body betrays her, responding in ways she never expected. As the intense encounters continue, a sense of unease begins to creep in, unnoticed by Kasumi. Meanwhile, Mitsuki, unaware of the brewing tension between Kasumi and Koudai, remains absorbed in her own world. Oblivious to the unfolding events, she is thrust into a shocking revelation when she stumbles upon Kasumi and Koudai in a compromising situation, locked in an intimate embrace inside a closet.