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SiNiSistar episode 1


Sister Lavian, a devoted member of the Church, finds herself in the forsaken city of Kessaria. The once prosperous city now lies in darkness and despair, infested with grotesque monsters. Assigned to this perilous mission, Sister Lavian seeks solace within the abandoned cathedral, a sanctuary amidst the chaos. With unwavering faith and a heart heavy with her divine duty, Sister Lavian confronts her fears head-on, determined to unravel the mysteries that plague Kessaria. Guided by the faint moonlight, she cautiously ventures into the eerie forest that surrounds the city. Each step is a calculated risk, fully aware that the dangers lurking ahead surpass her wildest imagination. However, Sister Lavian’s unwavering resolve is put to the ultimate test as she falls victim to a sudden ambush by the demonic creatures. Surrounded and defenseless, she finds herself teetering on the precipice of succumbing to their clutches. In that desperate moment, when all hope seems lost, a surreal turn of events unfolds. Miraculously, Sister Lavian manages to escape unscathed, as if awakening from a vivid nightmare. The air hangs heavy with an enigmatic presence, leaving her questioning the forces at play and the true nature of her mission in Kessaria.