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Shunka Shuutou episode 1


Miharu Aragaki, a beautiful and friendly girl, seemed like the perfect lover to everyone around her. Every day, she received countless confessions of love, but she always turned them down. However,beneath her pleasant exterior, Miharu faced a hidden struggle. She dealt with perverted messages, stalkers, and people secretly taking her pictures. Despite the harassment, Miharu maintained a smile in public while privately sighing and cursing her situation.

She had a secret side that she desperately wanted to keep hidden, but she couldn’t handle it alone. Seeking help, she turned to her school counselor, unaware that he accidentally discovered her true nature. Now faced with this revelation, Miharu was unsure of what to do. As she cautiously watched the counselor, she didn’t realize that he held a solution to her problems—a solution that involved his own desires.