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Ruins Seeker episode 1


Quem, ready to conquer the legendary and treacherous dungeon known as ‘Heaven’s Ladder.’ Now, this dungeon has never been conquered before, but Quem is fueled by ambition and dreams big. She’s ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. As Quem delves deeper into the labyrinthine depths of the dungeon, she encounters a strange demon. This demon triggers something unexpected within her – a surge of uncontrollable desires. Suddenly, Quem’s focus on conquering the dungeon takes a backseat as these overwhelming cravings consume her. Now, Quem is caught off guard by this twist of fate. She’s confused, frustrated, and wonders what happening to her. But, she crosses paths with a mysterious girl, this girl has secrets of her own. This encounter is about to change the course of her destiny. As she try to understand these mysterious forces that have taken control of her, she start to question what she truly want. Is beating this tough dungeon really her main goal? She starting to wonder if there’s something more to her quest.