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Ruan-Mei Night Blossoms Of Love episode 1


In the dimly lit flower shop, Caelus was feeling overwhelmed. He had been searching for the perfect flowers for the woman he loved for over two hours. The shop was about to close, and he still hadn’t made up his mind. The kind owner, Ruan Mei, noticed his struggle and suggested a flower she thought would be perfect. Caelus, feeling a bit unsure but trusting Ruan Mei’s suggestion, decided to go with her recommendation. At the checkout, Caelus surprised Ruan Mei. Not only paying but also giving back the flowers he had originally picked. Ruan Mei was happily surprised by his gesture. Encouraged by the moment, Caelus confessed his feelings to Ruan Mei, who smiled warmly in response. That night ended with love filling the air of the flower shop