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OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. episode 6


Somewhere in the small town, there was a young and ambitious teacher, our MC. MC had always been admired by Kirika, but he had never seen her as anything more than a student. Little did he know, Kiri harbored secret feelings towards him. Despite constantly teasing Kiri, MC couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement whenever they caught a glimpse lewd interaction. As their interactions grew more intense, Kiri couldn’t hide her joy and excitement when MC’s actions became bolder. She noticed MC’s gaze lingering a little too long, their touch a little too lingering. It was clear that MC’s desire for her was growing, and Kiri was determined for the next action. Driven by her curiosity and the need to confirm MC’s feelings, Kiri’s actions became increasingly daring and provocative. She would purposely engage in seductive behavior. Each time, she couldn’t help but feel a mix of delight and arousal, knowing that she was pushing MC closer to the edge. Unable to resist the intense torment, MC finally succumbed to his desires.