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OVA Hatsukoi Jikan. episode 5


Ayane, a vibrant and energetic girl, began to approach our protagonist with a series of unusual encounters. Whether challenging him to a public showdown in a fighting game or inquiring about his favorite anime of the season, her actions left him feeling uneasy. The protagonist couldn’t help but wonder if Ayane had somehow discovered his secret past as an introverted individual and was now using it as leverage to manipulate and threaten him. Despite his growing suspicions, Ayane’s relentless pursuit escalated, leaving our protagonist’s defenses crumbling. It was through a daring and unexpected kiss that his guard finally shattered, allowing Ayane’s advances to break through his wary heart. As their misunderstandings gradually unraveled, Ayane became even more assertive in her approach. From passionate kisses to tantalizing acts of pleasure, their relationship took an unexpectedly intimate turn. Ayane confessed her true feelings, revealing that her advances were driven not by manipulation, but by a genuine attraction and desire for our protagonist