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No Waifu No Life! episode 1


In this first episode, we meet Marin, a newly married woman who moves into a new house with her husband. Everything seems fine at first, until she discovers that the manager of the house is none other than Murai, her former creepy baseball coach from back in the day. Marin despises him for the way he used to pester her. To make matters worse, Murai sets up a meeting with Marin and her husband. Marin’s husband unknowingly falls victim to Murai’s sinister plan as he is drugged, leaving Marin vulnerable and alone with her former coach.

In the second episode, we meet Mama, a loving mother who always showers her son, Yuuri, with affectionate kisses. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Hiroki, Yuuri’s friend, catches her in a private moment of self-pleasure. This shocking encounter awakens a repressed sexual energy within Mama, one that she had kept hidden for so long. Unable to resist the overwhelming desires that have been unleashed, she directs her passion towards Hiroki, transferring the intensity of her forbidden feelings onto him.