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Japanese: ナイトテール

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Petit

Type: Series

Status: Ongoing

Duration: 16 min.

Released on: Sep 29, 2023

Views: 341 Views

Sinopsis :

Yoru and Asahi are close sisters running a peaceful cafe during the day. But beneath their tranquil facade lies a hidden world. At night, while everyone sleeps, they engage in a different line of work. “I want you to have sex with me tonight,” one of them whispers seductively. Their nocturnal duty is to exterminate the nightmares that plague people, and they go by the name Night Tail.

But the night itself holds its own secrets. In the realm of dreams, the boundaries of desire are pushed to the limit. Unleashing their deepest and kinkiest fantasies, the main heroine indulge in licking a stranger’s cock and offering her bodies for the first time. These erotic dreams are meant for their eyes only, locked away from prying eyes.


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