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Mahou Touki Lilustear episode 2


Deep within the clutches of the nefarious organization known as Hamelder, Sumire Hiyama finds herself captured. Stripped of her clothing by the enemy’s cunning scheme, she refuses to let her spirit waver. With fiery determination burning in her eyes, she defiantly dashes through the compound, completely naked. “I’ll destroy this base and everyone in it!” she declares with unyielding resolve. Meanwhile, Rin, burdened with guilt over Sumire’s abduction, seeks the assistance of Mii, a spirit and ally of the magical warrior princesses. Sumire must be held captive within the enemy’s stronghold, and they need to extract the location from their adversaries. Thus, Rin, now known as Lilistia, embarks on a relentless pursuit of the Hamelder agents. However, she soon realizes that her foes outnumbered her wildest imaginations. Overwhelmed and surrounded by hordes of horny possessed human, Lilistia finds herself trapped, unable to find an escape.