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Kotowarenai Haha episode 1


Kosuke, a rebellious man who’s didn’t get along with his mother. He craves excitement and decides to invite his friend Yuta over to his house to watch some adult video. But hold on tight, because fate has a twist in store for them. Unexpectedly, Shiori, who wasn’t supposed to be home, ends up joining them during their steamy viewing session. Amidst the shared laughter and playful banter, a vulnerable moment arises when Yuta accidentally injures himself while trying to help Shiori. Overwhelmed with guilt, Shiori takes it upon herself to care for Yuta’s well-being, attending to his every need with utmost devotion. As Shiori dedicates herself to Yuta’s recovery, a gradual shift occurs in their relationship. Yuta’s desires begin to intensify, and Shiori, too, starts to reveal her irresistible allure as a woman.