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Japanese: 告白……

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: nur

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 23 min.

Released on: Apr 28, 2023

Views: 526 Views

Sinopsis :

Yana, likes to tease and bully her friend who’s appears as serious girls who sits in front of her in class, Yua. Yua is a cute but clumsy girl who often let her guard down. Yana got a screen, she’s in love with Yua, but a teacher caught her sniffing Yua’s stuffs during P.E lesson. One day Yana pranked Yua by pinned up her skirt. She walked to podium and didn’t realize that Yana pinned her skirt up. Yua realized that Yana is a bit more annoying lately to the point that she wanted to hit her fist. And then Yua finds out about Yana’s secret and is shocked that Yana is forced to gets on Yua’s nerve on purpose because she gets threatened by the “innocent” teacher.


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