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Japanese: 純情デカメロン

Genre : , , , , ,

Studio: Queen Bee

Type: Series

Status: Ongoing

Duration: 19 min.

Released on: Sep 01, 2023

Views: 289 Views

Sinopsis :

Our mc is a schoolguy who finds himself captivated by the stars while gazing through his telescope in the park. One fateful night, he encounters a barely naked tall girl who leaves a lasting impression on him, creating unforgettable image in his mind. Later on, a new student named Momota joins his class, and he realizes she is the same girl from the park. Momota opens up about her past, explaining that she bravely walked naked in the park to boost her self-confidence after facing ridicule from classmates because of her height. As their bond deepens, their emotional and physical connection grows stronger. In the next part of their “journey”, they go on their first date to planetarium. As they walk together in a group, Momota’s irresistible desires ignite and she can’t resist indulging in her passions. Momota discovers that her pleasure is heightened when she feels the intense gaze of others upon her.


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