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Isekai Kita no de Special Skill de Zenryoku Ouka Shiyou to Omou The Animation episode 4


Our hero, known for his incredible prowess, is on a mission to defeat the wicked Demon Lord. But before the final battle, he seeks guidance from the Goddess herself. In preparation for their upcoming showdown, the hero and the Goddess engage in a steamy practice session. As the hero skillfully worships her divine nether regions, the Goddess’s resistance crumbles beneath his sweet words of praise. Unable to resist his charm, she agrees to guide him further, eager to indulge in their mutual desires. Following the Goddess’s instructions, the hero lavishes her with pleasure, bringing her to countless climaxes. But just as the hero is about to take their connection to the next level, the Goddess hesitates, fearing the consequences of their union. However, the hero’s desire is too strong to be denied. Overwhelmed by his own lust, he forcefully enters the hesitant Goddess, unable to resist the temptation that consumes him. In the next chapter of our story, titled “The Seventh Shot,” we turn our attention to the Demon Lord. Curiosity gets the better of her as she secretly observes the erotic encounter between the hero and the Goddess. The sight of the hero’s throbbing member ignites a fire within her, but she craves more. Unsatisfied with mere observation, the Demon Lord commands her succubus subordinate, Succun, to transform into the hero and engage in a pseudo-sexual encounter.