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Harem Cult episode 1


1.Tatsumi was sexually bullied by the member of photography club. Suddenly a girl from student council called Hatorijima approachs him. Tatsumi got invited to her house and saw his most despised woman is tied up and unconscious in a sofa.

2.Kanade Akahori is known of her achievement in defending of champion title. But there was rumour about she doing lewd with the male students in club room. Tatsumi and Hatorijima is working together to unveil the truth behind it.

3.Mashiro is a teacher and a informant who had controls of Kabasuzu High School, and the student council president, who is also Hatorijima’s. However, Hatorijima knew Mashiro’s weaknesses. Tatsumi and Hatorijma working together again to expose Mashiro and her obscene activity.

4.Tatsumi and Hatorijima got captured by delinquent of their school. When Hatorijima asked by the ringleader about her intention, she answers plainly “I don’t like them”. Then they offered her to have a one-on-one match up between a leader to prove who is better.