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Hajimete no Hitozuma episode 6


Tomo, a youthful and attractive mother, becomes worried when her son, Masanobu, comes home with an injury. Despite her attempts to ask him, Masanobu refuses to reveal the reason behind his injury, leaving Tomo feeling helpless and unable to support him. Frustrated by her inability to help, Tomo yearns for a way to ease her son’s furstation. One day, Togawa, a classmate of Masanobu, pays a visit. He confides in Tomo, revealing that both he and Masanobu are victims of bullying. Tomo, seeing Togawa’s distress, is determined to provide him with the support he needs. Togawa hesitates at first but eventually confesses that he believes he is the cause of the bullying. Tomo is taken aback by the revelation but is driven by a genuine desire to help Togawa through his troubles. With a compassionate heart, she comforts him.