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Fleur The Animation episode 1


Meet Haruki, a talented manga artist who becomes entangled in a thrilling situation with his editor, Shinonome-san. Shinonome-san is known for her dedication and caring nature, always pushing Haruki to create his best work. However, their professional relationship takes an unexpected turn when Haruki’s desires for Shinonome-san become increasingly intense. Despite knowing that he shouldn’t entertain sexual thoughts about her, Haruki’s naughty fantasies about Shinonome-san grow stronger by the day. The temptation becomes too much to resist.  One day, as Haruki indulges in vivid images of Shinonome-san’s naked form while lost in the bathroom, an exciting and unexpected mishap occurs. In the heat of the moment, he accidentally ejaculates just as Shinonome-san walks in on him. This embarrassing incident only serves to fuel Haruki’s desires further. To add to the excitement, Shinonome-san takes on the role of a seductive housewife in Haruki’s new erotic manga. Dressed provocatively in an apron, she teasingly refers to him as “Master” and tantalizes him with her enticing, barely-covered body.