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Doukyo Suru Neneki episode 2


Yuji, a convenience store employee, was on his way home on the train after finishing his shift. Usually, he made the journey alone, but today was different. You see, Yuji shared his living space with a peculiar slime that had taken on the form of his coworker, Takamiya, and showed up at their workplace. As Yuji breathed a sigh of relief for having completed his work without encountering the real Takamiya, the slime, still disguised as Takamiya, approached him with evident joy and struck up a conversation. This caused a bit of trouble with a girl standing next to them. She began to belittle Yuji, which angered the slime. However, Yuji quickly apologized to the girl, defusing the situation. Seeking solace and calm, Yuji retreated to the bathroom. But the slime, unable to contain its rage, decided to transform into the girl from earlier. Taking on her form, it appeared before Yuji in a revealing swimsuit. The slime had chosen this appearance because the girl had been a member of the swimming club. To Yuji’s astonishment, the slime split into two entities, and standing before him was both Takamiya and the girl, both in swimsuits. Now, confronted with two attractive figures in revealing attire, Yuji found it increasingly challenging to suppress his surging sexual desires.