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Japanese: ちいさなあくま

Genre : , , , ,

Studio: Imokenpi

Type: Series

Status: Completed

Duration: 5 min.

Released on: Nov 21, 2015

Views: 12920 Views

Sinopsis :

Episode 1 :

On my way back home, I went to a restroom in a park. There, I met a boy with bare lower body.
I haven’t met him before, but he said he wanted to pee, so I entered in a private restroom to help him.
But he said “I can’t pee.”
I thought he was nervous because I am not familiar to him, then he said “Usually I do it inside my mother!”

episode 2 :

From older sister’s view: “Since my friend’s little brother did what he did by the roadside…
I can’t stop thinking about it! I just wanna feel good again.
When I took a bath like always with my little brother, my eyes were glued to his thingie.
I couldn’t help myself… without thinking I said, ‘Did you wash down there properly?'”

episode 4 :

Two shadows interact at a rundown game center.
Certainly young, yet certainly obscene. They can only be doing…
The girl parts her legs, the boy’s small face buried between them.
An excited rhythm takes them to the next level, then…



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