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Caelus x March 7th Segs episode 1


In a future market arc, the cheerful March7th stumbles upon her old outfit. Overflowing with excitement, she can’t resist the urge to show it off to person who saved her before, her hero, Caelus. As she slips into the familiar fabric, her smile grows wider, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. Caelus, completely mesmerized by March7th’s radiant beauty, can hardly contain his own desires. March7th’s outfit seems to have ignited a fire within them both, igniting a passionate longing that can no longer be denied. Without hesitation, Caelus takes the lead. Their feelings meets together, reaching new heights of intimacy with each passing moment. March7th, her heart overflowing with bliss, playfully raises her hand, flashing a cute peace sign to mark the end of their unforgettable segs encounter.