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Anejoku Tsukushi episode 2


It’s all about Ema, a super smart and beautiful student council president, and Mizuki, a student who finds himself caught up in a naughty relationship with her.  It all started when Mizuki couldn’t resist Ema’s irresistible charm. Even though she said it would only happen once, Mizuki found himself unable to resist her seduction. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, whether it was in the school hallways, storage rooms, or anywhere they could find privacy. Ema drove Mizuki wild with desire, and he couldn’t help but give in to her temptations. But here’s the twist: Mizuki’s desires were so intense that he couldn’t control himself. He would try to be sensible and stop, but his craving for Ema was too strong. He was completely consumed by his lust, and it clouded his judgment. As their relationship continued, a big secret between them was eventually revealed. This discovery changed everything for Ema and Mizuki, and their relationship took a major turn.