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69: Itsuwari no Bishou episode 1


There’s this student named Aoi Midori. She’s the kind of person who always works hard and tries to keep up her good reputation. Everyone seems to be drawn to her, boys and girls alike, thanks to her charming smile. But then something bad happens. Aoi’s exam results suddenly drop, and it’s all because of a mistake. She’s determined to fix things and bring her reputation back up. So, she comes up with a plan. But there’s one person standing in her way: her teacher, Izumi Kuwabara. Izumi has a reputation for being promiscuous, according to rumors. Dealing with Izumi turns out to be tougher than Aoi thought. In a moment of desperation, Aoi plays her trump card: she has a video on her phone that shows Yoshimura, Izumi’s fiancé, doing some inappropriate stuff. Aoi plans to use this video to blackmail Izumi and get what she wants. But,  things don’t go exactly as planned. Something unexpected happens.